Monday & Wednesday (4:00 pm -6:00 pm) group lessons started on Feb 9, 2015.  We are adding two new sessions: Thursday (4:00 pm Р6:00 pm) and Saturday (1:30 pm Р3:30 pm). These group lessons are for players from beginners to about 1500 level.

One Session: $25 members, $30 non-members
10 Sessions: $200 members, $250 non-members

Group lessons teach the basics of table tennis skills and tactics in 10 lessons. You can start at any lesson because the lessons will be repeated over and over. For example, if you start at lesson 4, you can learn lesson 1 after lesson 10. You can attend only 10 lessons, or you can take these lessons again and again. Each repetition of the lessons will improve your skills to a higher level. If you miss one lesson, you can retake it at a later or different time.

Free pick up/drop off at Takoma Metro Station.