WDCTT Sunday afternoon league becomes too crowded. To prevent long waiting, starting on 8/5/2017, we will have a new event for players. The name of the new event is Saturday PongMobile Tourney with Prize. See below for fees, format, etc. The cost for non-members is $10, the same as for Wednesday or Sunday leagues. You will play more matches, plus the opportunity to win prize. Since we have five organized events each week, limited access members (1 or 2 times per week) who want to improve may want to change to full members.

Saturday PongMobile Tourney with Prize: 4:00 pm – finish (Deadline for signing up is 3:55 pm)

Fees: $5 per player. This counts to the total entry fees for prize money.
Non-members also need to pay $5 discounted club fee. The total fee for non-members is $10.
Format: First Stage: Round Robins of 3-4 players to seed to Divisions A, B, or C.
             Second Stage:  Round Robins (Divisions A, B, or C) of 4-6 players.
             If less than 8 players, only one giant round robin of Division A will be played. 
Prize:   Division A winner prize: 50 % of total entry fees
            Division B winner prize: 30 % of total entry fees
            Division C winner prize: 10 % of total entry fees