No table tennis equipment sale from 9/07/19 to 9/16/19, because Charlene will be in Townsville Australia for World Veteran Tour.

The club will open normal hours. Tom Carothers will run Saturday (9/7/19, 9/14/19) morning Leagues. Mossa and Thomas will run Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Leagues. Thanks for your help.

The 2019 Butterfly Washington DC Table Tennis Center Sept Open (9/21-22) is only THREE weeks away. The entry deadline is 9 pm on Friday 9/20/19. We will use Butterfly tables and 3-star white plastic balls. We have Giant Round Robin and regular rating events on both days, so you can play on either day. OPEN and U2100 events are on Saturday (not Sunday).

For existing USATT members, just email us your USATT#, your name, and the events you would like to enter in email text. No need to attach a PDF entry form and no need to mail me a check. Please come to the tournament at least 20 minutes before your match time to pay your fees and warm up. Non USATT Members need to fill out entry blank.

If you have already entered, you should get a confirmation email from us. If not, please email