PongMobile Tourney

Saturday PongMobile Tourney with Prize

Time: 4pm - finish (By Invitation Only)
Fees: $5 per player

This counts to the total entry fees for prize money.
Non-members also need to pay $5 discounted club fee. The total fee for non-members is $10.


First Stage: Round Robins of 3-4 players to seed to Divisions A, B, or C.
Second Stage:  Round Robins (Divisions A, B, or C) of 4-5 players.

If fewer than 8 players, only one big round robin of Division A will be played.


Division A winner prize: 50 % of total entry fees
Division B winner prize: 30 % of total entry fees
Division C winner prize: 10 % of total entry fees 

Email: Charlene.WDCTT@gmail.com

Phone: 202-459-9096

6403 Chillum Pl NW, Washington DC, 20012