Learn Chinese

Chinese language classes are growing in popularity in the US owing to China's growing economy and strong economic ties with the US.  In fact, some US-based companies necessitate employees to learn Chinese as part of their job functions involve dealing with China-based companies and even pay for their employees' Mandarin classes.  Additionally, a number of schools in the US offer Chinese language as a class elective or Mandarin immersion programs. 

Here at WDCTT, we offer you the opportunity to learn Mandarin along with table tennis.

Private One-on-One Chinese (Mandarin) Lesson

The class is customized according to your learning goals and proficiency level.

A private one-on-one lesson is only $20 for a 90-minute session.

Come have fun learning Chinese and playing table tennis at WDCTT!

Email: Charlene.WDCTT@gmail.com

Phone: 202-459-9096

6403 Chillum Pl NW, Washington DC, 20012