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Fall Donations Open for Our Non-Profit Washington DC Table Tennis Academy

Fall Announcement 

Dear readers,

Now that Fall is in full swing, we at WDCTT are again offering our after-school programs.  In addition to our current students, we are working with several local schools and programs to recruit underserved youth, individuals with neurological impairments and physical limitations the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport of table tennis at no cost to the students.  

To make this possible, we would like to invite members of the WDCTT community to underwrite the costs of sponsorship, which includes the cost of coaches, equipment, and food.  Your generous tax deductible contribution to our non profit program, the Washington DC Table Tennis Academy (Donate Here) can make this possible.    

THE FACTS: The actual cost of teaching one student per week at a discounted rate is $100; over two semesters, the cost per student is about $3,000. Owner Khaleel Asgarali is currently teaching 6 students per week and WDCTT could teach even more  students with your support. 

Please contact Khaleel at for more information or to answer any questions. Thank you for helping to promote table tennis to the wider District community!


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WDCTT owner and head coach

Khaleel Asgarali started playing table tennis at 7 years old. His father was a former national team member from Trinidad and Tobago and was Khaleel’s first coach. Moving to the top of the junior ranks in the USA, Khaleel returned to his home country of Trinidad and Tobago to win both junior and men singles national championship titles in 2003 and 2005. He has played professionally in leagues in England, Sweden and Germany and trained all over the world. He is still currently a professional player in the German League and a professional coach in the capital area.