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New Ratings & Groups

Hello everyone! I am pleased to inform you that both the new rating and matchmaking systems succeeded!

Be sure to read all the instructions in this blog thoroughly. Failure to follow the rules will result in point deductions or being placed in a lower category for one event. 

Please remember that Thursday nights are designated for league play! The purpose is for players to obtain accurate ratings and compete with others at a similar skill level. This night is NOT intended for casual matches. To advance to a higher group, you must consistently win games and prove yourself as the best in your current group.

Our new system is designed to help you prepare for official tournaments.

As the top player in your group each week, you will have the chance to compete against the lowest-ranking player in the next group by earning the Golden Ticket. Consistently defeating and outranking this player will result in your promotion to the next group, while the other player will be relegated.

Additionally, if you haven’t already, kindly take a moment to familiarize yourself with the updated rules by following this link:

These are the updated groups and ratings based on last Thursday’s matches! 

Group A – Tables 1 & 2

Sergio Gonzalez: 2001   

Kuan Kou: 1812

Elijah HOLTZBLATT: 1662

Ariel: 1642

Sameer W: 1588

Adam Berman: 1500

Group B – Tables 3 & 4

Oscar Rodriguez: 1489

Franklin Cao: 1437 

Liam Draper: 1386

Bill Draper: 1357

Raul B: 1325

Tamas Erdos: 1311

Group C – Table 5

Boray Efecan: 790

Melody Calkins: 502

Mariam Baksh: 429

Dylan Ross: 368

Casual Players:

Franklin Cao: 1437

Golden Tickets for next Thursday League!

Oscar Rodriguez: 1489 vs Adam Berman: 1500

Boray Efecan: 790 vs Tamas Erdos: 1311

Golden tickets:

Congratulations to the winners of The Golden Tickets!

Oscar Rodriguez (1489) from Group B, and Boray Efecan (790) from Group C.

As the current frontrunners in your respective groups, you have earned the chance to compete in a single match against the player with the closest rating in the next division. However, remember that merely defeating them is insufficient to advance; you must also outrank them. Therefore, demonstrating consistent top performance in your group and repeatedly winning the Golden Match against higher-ranked players is crucial.

Our matchmaking system is designed to recognize skill rather than luck. Therefore, a single victory is not enough to progress to the next level.

Who should I play next time?

Based on the ratings and the new matchmaking system, you have to start your night by playing the person close to you in rating.  

Example 1: 

In group A, Sergio, and Kuan are the first match. 

Example 2:

If Sergio is absent from the league, Kuan has to wait for Elijah and Ariel to finish their first match.

Example 3: 

If Kuan is absent from the league, Sergio has to wait for Elijah and Ariel to finish their first match.

Why do we have to play in this order?

During official tournaments, we have no control over who our first opponent may be. We need to be prepared and perform to the best of our abilities.

What happens if fewer or more people show up to the league?

If fewer players attend the league, those who are present will still play against others in their assigned group. Once all the matches have been completed, individuals can choose to play friendly games with others who have also finished their matches.

Note: Friendly matches outside your groups will not help you to increase your rating!

What happens if more people show up to the league?

We will set up a system for dividing a group, with a limit of four players per division. 

Example: Group A:

Division 1- Group A:

Player 1 (1900)

Player 2 

Player 3

Player 4

Division 2- Group A:

Player 5

Player 6

Player 7

Player 8

Division 3- Group A:

Player 9

Player 10

Example: Group B:

Division 1- Group B:

Player 1 (1450)

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Division 2- Group B:

Player 5

Player 6

Player 7

Player 8

Division 3- Group B:

Player 9

Player 10

Player 11

Example: Group C:

Division 1- Group C:

Player 1 (780)

Player 2

Player 3

Player 4

Division 2- Group C:

Player 5

Player 6

Player 7

Player 8

Division 3- Group C:

Player 9

Player 9 (Division 3) Will play with Player 8 of Division 2. After that, Player 9 is free to play friendly matches. Regrettably, more players from Division 3 did not attend, which is beyond our control.

Additional notes:

Members of Group A are always assigned to play on the tables near the club entrance.

Members of Group B are always assigned to play on the tables near the middle of the club.

Members of Group C are always assigned to play on the tables located by the club’s emergency exit.

Reminder: Please be mindful and considerate of others! Before occupying a vacant table, kindly inquire if it is reserved or will be used by another group. While we encourage social matches following league play, Thursdays remain dedicated to league activities. Let’s work together to create a respectful and enjoyable environment for all!

For additional friendly matches with friends, feel free to explore other days and times designated for casual play.

After you have finished playing all your matches, you can search for another member who has also finished and play some friendly matches with them. 

How to submit your scores from now on:

You may have observed that yesterday, I dedicated time to assist each of you throughout the evening, ensuring a smooth transition and eliminating confusion during the first night of the new changes. However, this approach is not sustainable long-term. Therefore, you must adhere to the following steps for submitting your final scores moving forward.

1- The highest-rated player is required to submit the final score after each game. If the score is not submitted, the top player will not be allowed to play in their usual group and will instead play in the group of the next lower level during the next event.

2- To submit your scores, please send a text message to this number: 240-521-8700.

Note: Ensure you send all your scores for the evening in a single text message. DO NOT send texts individually after each game.

Failure to follow these instructions accurately may result in an incorrect rating or no record of your scores at all!

3- To submit your final score correctly, use the following format: FIRST NAME, LAST NAME (RATING) VS FIRST NAME, LAST NAME (RATING). Final: 3-1

Example: Sergio Gonzalez (1995) vs Bill Draper (1371) final: 3-0

Please note that a 3-1 score implies that the first player listed was the winner.

Consistently submit your scores in the specified format. Please refrain from using abbreviations for your name unless it was recorded in that manner during the last event.

Lastly, refer to the attached table to see how your name is entered into the system. Failure to follow these instructions accurately may result in an incorrect rating or no record of your scores at all!

Sergio Gonzalez (2001)

Kuan Kou (1812)

Elijah HOLTZBLATT (1662)

Ariel (1642)

Sameer W (1588)

Adam Berman (1500)

Oscar Rodriguez (1489)

Franklin Cao (1437)

Liam Draper (1386)

Bill Draper (1357)

Raul B (1325)

Tamas Erdos (1311)

Boray Efecan (790)

Melody Calkins (502)

Mariam Baksh (429)

Dylan Ross: (368)

Access to the chat feature at the WDCTT website:

Several players encountered difficulties accessing the chat feature on the WDCTT website.

Some players either entered incorrect usernames and passwords or attempted to log in too many times. Consequently, the website’s security feature ultimately blocked everyone.

This issue has been resolved today, and you can now try to log in again.

WDCTT BLOG, Chat & Instagram Account:

Remember to stay updated with the WDCTT Blog, Chat group, and our WDCTT Instagram account @wdctt, as we will share new information. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the rules or don’t keep up with the latest updates, you may find yourself in the wrong group.

Thank you for being so understanding. Let’s continue to maintain the same level of competition!


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